The TINY MITY Pedal Pickup

   The Tiny Mity was modelled after this German trike, but is more compact.
German cargo trike.
The factory BMX bike that was modified.
   This was purchased at ToysRUs for $60.
The bike frame.
   Everything was taken apart down to the frame.  The bike was next cut apart
so that the bottom bracket and the chain stays were one unit.
The bottom bracket and chain stays.
   One chain stay was moved forward to allow chain clearance for the wide
coaster brake hub as well as for chain removal without tools.  One seat stay
is used as a brace for that chain stay.  The other chain stay was braced with
a length of steel tube.
The front assembly.
   The seat tube was cut away from the top tube and welded to the bike stem.
The original seat post and seat are used.  One fork dropout was cut off and
welded further out for the extra width of the rear hub with the coaster brake.
This would not be necessary if a hand brake was used.
From the drive side.
   The chainring is 40T and the rear cog is 18T.
The trailer frame.
   The trailer frame is 1" square tube with 8" pneumatic ball-bearing wheels
on a 5/8" axle 30" long.  The 1/2" plywood bed is 26" wide by 34" long.  The
overall width of the trailer is 33".  The top of the tires is below the bed
for wide items.
   An unforeseen problem is a tendency to tip if there is no weight on the
bed.  A concrete block fixes that.  The wheels were also extended for added
The steering system.
   The steering sprockets are 28T. The BMX brake cables have swaged ferrules.
The reverse steering takes a bit of getting used to.
The trailer on a standard bike.
   The trailer alone can be used as a flatbed bike trailer using a gooseneck
arm made from another handlebar.  Outboard braces were added for axle support
closer to the wheels for very heavy items.  The original short axle can be
reinstalled so that the wheels remain under the bed for a 26" overall width.