The Awesome Trebuchet!
The Awesome Trebuchet versus the fence.
The Awesome Trebuchet in action!
Shane Cooper, Trebuchet Engineer
Disaster strikes!
  On April 10, 1997, the Awesome Trebuchet first unleashed it's
terrifying might!  Designed and built by Lancer engineer Shane
Cooper, it is a truly fearsome machine.
  The fifty-five-gallon drum on the end of the yard-long power lever
was half filled with water.  This totals over two hundred pounds!
Half of a concrete block, weighing twenty pounds, was nestled in the
basket.  The basket was on cables eight feet long.  The slinging arm
was eight feet long.  When the trigger rope was released from the
sling, the block flew thirty feet high into the air and sixty-five
feet over to an unsuspecting tree stump, inflicting horrible damage.
  On the next trial, the drum was filled!  This totalled four hundred
and fifty pounds! The same block was used.  This time, the block flew
over into an innocent chain link fence seventy feet away, causing it
great pain, anguish and distortion, but no permanent damage.
  Finally, a bowling ball was used. This perfect projectile flew
clear over the fence to crater the adjoining soccer field.  This was
a distance of seventy-three feet! To all who beheld, this was a truly
terrifying sight! The awe-inspiring potential for evil was obvious!!
  The final day of festivities involved packing the drum with concrete
fragments and then filling it up with water. (It's a guy thing!) This
ultimate act of military escalation unnerved officialdom. Horrifying,
unbridled power was now in the hands of a militia.  Timbers creaked.
The brave trembled. The meek retreated.  Then, the fearless Engineer
loosed the trigger, launching the final shot heard round the Internet.