Homemade Backyard Playground Fun

Tyrolean Trolley.
Tyrolean Trolley from the back.
Bowline loop for anchoring.
Original Flying Jenny.
Simpler Flying Jenny.
Simpler Jenny board parts.
Simpler Jenny rotating-and-rocking head.
Orignal playground backhoe.
Bubba Backhoe.
It's time to go in the house, now.
  These backyard pastimes have been designed to be the most fun in a small
space.  The Tyrolean Trolley is our design for a mountain-rescuer's accessory,
The Tyrolean Traverse, but designed to go much faster. It uses detired ball-
bearing wheels. The climbing rope must be level.  If trees are used as the
anchors, run the rope thru an old piece of heavy garden hose and use a
bowline knot. The rider moves in an elliptical path, not a circular arc as
you would with a rope tied to a high branch.  The clip attaches to the
Trolley.  A rope from the clip goes to the rider's rappel harness or swing
  The Flying Jenny ("flying engine") is a combination see-saw and merry-go-
round first used in the Appalachian backwoods. The see-saw teeters on an
edge of steel angle iron.  There is corrugated steel under the board so
that riders can set the balance point.  A steel strap holds the board onto
the angle iron so it can't tip off.  The merry-go-round turns on a trailer
wheel hub bearing.  The height can be adjusted for up to five feet, but
then it is necessary for one person to use a ladder or tree to climb on.
The simpler Jenny uses a single trailer wheel bearing, not the entire hub.
The photo shows the head before the teeter blade is welded onto the shaft.
  The Bubba Backhoe uses a trailer winch to dig with great force. Twin
bungees pull the bucket out. The boom is swung around using your feet. The
winch can be clamped to the boom anywhere to suit the operator and even
turned around for left-handers. The Backhoe is dragged to the dig site. It
can be broken down into four parts for storage. Be careful where you're
digging! If can easily break buried cables.  More info can be found in
Machinist's Workshop June/July '03. (see www.villagepress.com)