A Short Bio and Some Opinions

  Born in perfect Coral Gables, Florida in '40. We had a perfect summer house
in bucolic Hendersonville, N.C.  Graduated Gables High in '58 from summer
school.  U.S. Army, post maintenance, '58-'61. Lived in perfect village Delta
Junction, Alaska '59-'62.  Started college in Embry-Riddle Aero Inst. in Miami
after strings were pulled '63-'64.  Moved to new (and desperate) Brevard Engr.
Coll. (now Fla. Inst. Tech.) '64-'65. Flunked differential equations, so came
to new (and desperate) Florida Atlantic U. in Boca Raton and into science
education '66-'70. Married Kathy Wheeler '66. (Best life decision!) Graduated
with B.S. in '70.  Taught one year at Seminole Middle in Plantation, FL. Then
North Shore High in West Palm Beach '72-'81. Ran astronomy club, photo club
(color prints), drama club 16 mm sound(!) movies and football-team filming.
Finally John I. Leonard High in Lake Worth, '81-'01.  Started on Internet in
'95 by putting all the projects from North Shore and Leonard on this site. Now
retired. Several projects have been done after retirement and are continuing.
   PHILOSOPHY: Wonder, read, learn, do, think, know.  No fiction, too many
               real books to waste time on someone else's wild imaginings.
   PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Learn everything. Question everything. Make everything.
   RELIGION: Personal spiritual enlightenment experience.  At one with the
             universe.  Note: Believing in (X) and/or being "in a religion"
             is not the same as the enlightenment/oneness/rebirth experience.
             Not even close.
   POLITICS: Leave me alone.  Small minds love big government.
   TEACHING DISCOVERY: Students give you 75% of what you expect.  Expect
                       less, get less.  Expect more, get more.
   TEACHING GOAL: Pass on basics of physics so students are science literate
                  and able in turn to pass on knowledge to their lineage.
                  Prepare student for impersonal college experience and all
                  of life's inevitable changes and challenges.
   GREATEST AWE:  How everything in the universe works together for everyone
                  and everything all the time synchronously and beautifully.
   GREATEST SORROW: There are precious few skills left today that the average
                    person knew how to do when I was young. Every man knew how
                    to do everything to keep the family car running properly,
                    plant and maintain a garden, build a wood shed with hand
                    tools, make a sandbox, make you a swing, a seesaw, show
                    you how to build a tree house, etc.
                    Every woman knew how do cook anything "from scratch", make
                    a dress or shirt from a pattern and cloth, darn socks,
                    crochet or knit a vest or winter cap, can the fruit from
                    the tree in the back yard and from garden vegetables, etc.
   CONDENSED WISDOM: Everything is dangerous if you're stupid.
                     What the truth is depends on who you ask.
                     A lie repeated long enough becomes a fact.
                     Everything starts out being a great idea and ends up
                                   being a problem someone else has to fix.
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