There are laws in life that don't make sense regarding how they could possibly work, but they do. You will discover these laws one way or the other, but the sooner in your life you know, trust and act on them, the better it will be for you. You will eventually find out that life is both perfect and neutral. Which means that if anything is not going great in your life, it is not Life's fault. And being neutral, you will reap (harvest) what you sow (plant). There is nothing that you have to "believe in" for life's immutable laws to work. Beliefs are malleable, the mind leading the mind, the blind leading the blind. You can believe in any name for God or not believe in God, a life field, random evolution, magic or an inherent wisdom in nature. You can believe in Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, angels, nature spirits, karma, luck, anything else or in nothing. Life doesn't care what you believe in or don't believe in. Life will still happen. Until you receive The Gift, the only thing that matters is what you do. If you follow life's laws and win the grand prize of life, The Gift, you won't "believe in" anything any more. You will know, and knowing will set you free. Don't overthink this right now. It may not sound like much to you now, but KNOWing is everything you are inwardly seeking. Even if you affirm a strong belief in something now, you will not rest until you Know The Truth. These life laws are to help you do the right things and not do the wrong things before you fully understand how Life "works" and why these laws are laws and not guidelines, suggestions, helpful hints or commandments. There's a good reason for each one of them, even if you don't see why right now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- First thing every morning, give thanks for something. It doesn't matter what it is, but the thanks must be sincere. Give thanks all through the day as you see fit. The more you look, the more you'll see to be thankful for. The more thanks you give, the more wonderful your life will become. After your morning hygiene routine and before breakfast, retreat into your personal quiet time. Without fail. You will inwardly know what to do. Be open and honest with Life. There is nothing Life doesn't already know about you, your past and your future. And Life has a perfect, beautiful plan laid out for you. All you have to do is be open to it. This happens by where Life leads you and by what and who Life puts in front of you. A good way to quiet a restless mind is to run through all the things you are thankful for until your awareness switches from self-fulness to quiet joy, presence, awareness. You can ask of life, or your can just trust life. You will inwardly know what to ask of life, which can be silent or spoken. If you ask sincerely with inner knowing and anticipation, you will receive. After asking, trust. If you choose to trust life in all things, the Christian passages "Thy will be done" and "Here am I, send me" embody that way. Or just "Let me know the truth". At the close of quiet time, give thanks to Life. This is all that is required for meditation, regardless of what you've heard. You do not have to run your life. Your life will happen in the best way for you if you will trust it to and then let it. Just be open and aware. Give thanks for all the good people in your life, the good choices you have made so far and the good still to be drawn to you. Do not dwell on any mistakes. Know that everything will work out best for you and for all those in your life simultaneously. Everyone wins, no one loses. It's amazing, but it's true. Do the right thing always. No excuses. Even if you don't feel like it at first. You'll know why later. It's all about winning life's grand prize, The Gift, which will happen when the time for it is right in your life. Whenever you do do the right thing, do not pat yourself on the back. If you see anyone not doing the right thing, do not think any less of them or think more highly of yourself. After you win the grand prize, you'll know why this perspective is appropriate. Everyone you meet you meet for a reason. Everything in your life comes into your life for a reason. Everything you witness was there for you to see. Every opportunity is in your life for a reason. More and more good will flow into your life as if by magic. Even more things than you even thought to ask for. Find the good in everyone you know and in everyone you meet. And yes, there is good in everyone. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Never hold a grudge against anyone. Never stay mad at anyone. Never stay hurt by anyone. This only hurts you, and a hurt you will draw to you events that you do not want. For your own good, forgive. If forgiving is difficult, take it to your quiet time. One fine day it will just happen. Don't spend every dime you earn. Saving is the only way you will learn the difference between "I want" and "I need". And once you learn this, you will never, ever be without for the rest of your life. Give to others who are less fortunate, no matter how little you have to give. There is a very good reason for this, which you can only discover after you do it. Give anonymously whenever possible. Your life will become so full with so little that you won't believe how little you really and truly need. Never buy anything the first time that you see it. No matter how much you may think you want it at the time. Listen more than you talk. Remember what you hear. Life presents things to you for a reason that you may only realize later in your life. Eat only when you are hungry. When eating, do not be doing anything else. Stop eating before you feel full. Eat wholesome and fresh, close to the source. Eat a wide variety, even if you don't like something. Ignore fads. Everything that can be enjoyed can also be abused. Whether you are a master or a slave to a substance is your doing. The substance is neutral. Don't blame the substance for you craving it. Even some legal substances are best left alone, and you will know which ones they are when the time comes. Eventually you will not have to use any substances, legal or illegal, to enhance mood. You'll livein the most wonderful mood imaginable all the time. But if you do use mood substances, know the "right way" to use them. If you don't use substances but know others who do, do not think less of them for what they do. They are them, you are you. There is no right way to smoke, which should tell you something. If you do smoke and want to quit, quit. Now is a good time. If it's difficult, take it to quiet time. Don't "just finish this last one". Put it out in the ashtray right now. Don't "just finish this last pack". Keep all three as a trophy to your having done the right thing. Write the date on the ashtray. There is a right way to drink, if you choose to. Drink slowly. Wait between drinks. Know, and stick to, your limit. Even if it's half of one drink. Enjoy everything in moderation. If you ever feel you should quit, quit. Illegal substances are illegal for a good reason. They are addictive. And addiction changes every priority in your life. You do not want that. If you are becoming addicted, take it to quiet time. If you need help, get it. Life uses everyone for the benefit of everyone. Life itself will show you that you don't need mood substances. Don't think any less of people who use them. Don't think you are better than they are. Give thanks to Life for your not craving substances, not to yourself. Prescription drugs are prescribed by a doctor for a good reason. They change your body chemistry. Your body will set its chemistry properly if you will let it by doing the right things. If something doesn't seem quite right with your health, take it to quiet time. But if anything seems to be getting out of hand, don't hesitate to see a professional. Life uses everyone and everything for the benefit of everyone. You don't need to date everyone you can in the hope that one of them might turn out to be The Right One. If you search too hard, you will surely end up with A Wrong One. Life will bring you and The Right One together. And you will know who it is when you two meet. And they will know or soon realize you are The Right One for them. But also be aware that the person who you love more than anyone else will have some things about them that you absolutely hate. And they will make the same discovery about you. Life is give and take. Throw away as little as possible. Reuse as much as possible. Conserve as much as possible. Maintain your things in good condition so they last. Don't think any less of those who don't. Give thanks to Life for all that you have, not to yourself. When you no longer need or want something, give it to someone who can use it. Give thanks for every door that opens. Take every job that is an open door. Learn as much as you can from every job. Do the best that you can in every job. No job is too menial. Every opportunity that presents itself in your life is there for a reason. Even volunteer work. Give thanks for your ability to contribute to Life. You are a very important part of life, but just one part. All of the other parts of the whole do not have to be perfect for your life to be perfect. You can even do stupid things and life will still work out beautifully for you. There is no single path for your life which if you get off of, you are doomed from then on. No missing the boat. Life is a self-healing clockwork. Drop it and break a few parts and it will fix itself, start running again and never miss a beat. Don't feel ashamed of yourself for dumb mistakes. Life doesn't hold grudges, so don't you do that either. Against anyone else or yourself. When one fine day you chance to win Life's grand prize, The Gift, do not let it go to your head. Give all the thanks to Life. You can bask in the glow of The Gift for as long as the glow lasts. But soon you will know that The Gift was not the goal but rather a door. Now you are ready to go through that door. The Gift was just that, a free prize. Now you must become still. While this may sound simple, it is actually not easy at all. But it is essential that it be done. When you are still, which is also called being centered, you silence the mind. When all mind chatter is silenced, you will perceive glimpses of the highest reality, which lies beyond mind and thought. You will finally be home. But this is nothing permanent. So you will want to return home daily. Little by little you will be more and more in your real home. Some call it heaven. Some call it God. They are one and the same. This clip by Roy Eugene Davis is ancient truth.