Bandaged Head Has a Hole Through It.

Everything needed for the gag.
   Two mirrors, 1/8" plywood, a collander and wrapping. The mirrors are
mounted like a periscope and it is assembeld first.  It was found that 6" was
a good distance from the center of the ear to the top of the head.  The lower
mirror is 1 & 1/8" in diameter.  The upper mirror is 2 & 1/4" square.
One periscope side with the mirror mounts.
   Elmer's Glue is used to join plywood to plywood and contact cement is used
as simple glue to attach the mirrors to the plywood mounts.  Then the other
plywood side is Elmer's-Glued on top of the mirror mounts.
 The periscope half-finished.
   Heavy cardboard from the backs of used legal pads is attached with contact
cement to the collander mesh.   The periscope was secured to the cardboard
ears with Elmer's.  The handles and legs of the collander were cut off with
a 1/16" abrasive cutting disk in a hand grinder.
The gag before duct tape is applied.
View from the other side.
   Try not to let Trick or Treaters see this side.
Looking through the hole.
   Plaster on first aid gauze was originally planned but duct tape was used
instead.  A shirt with, "I have a hole through my head.  What's your excuse?"
would add a nice touch to the gag.