Let your rear end do the talking!

Every pilot's wish.
Every fisherman's wish.
Every taxpayer's lament.
University of Florida's Gator.
Florida State's Seminole tomahawk chop.
Everyone's lament.
Young lover's vacation wish.
Every parent's lament.
Exit sign to home page.
  These signs resulted after seeing the spinning propellors that boat
owners put onto their trailer hitch.  Our signs have a fan that is in
the airflow moving under the vehicle.  This drives a sheet metal disk
that may have words or symbols on it, may move an oscillating part of
the sign or may do both.

AIRPLANE shows what pilots would rather be doing. The prop spins.
FISHREEL shows what fishermen would rather be doing, reeling in a fish.
GATOR is the University of Florida's gator chomping on their arch-enemy.
TOMACHOP is the Florida State Seminole chopping their arch-enemy.
WALLET shows your hard-earned money flying away.
LOVERS shows where a young couple would rather be.
LISTEN shows parent-teen talk.  (see below)
TAXES shows our dollars going over to Washington while pennies come back.

   The signs are made of sheet aluminum with brass shafts and stainless pop
rivets for bearings. The art outlines can be cut from vinyl by a cutter
operated by computer.  The colors are sign paints.  The outlines can also be
applied freehand, traced using a cardboard guide, stencilled on or applied by
silk screen.  The colors can be hand-painted, vinyl or silk-screened.  Any
oscillating parts, such as the gator's jaw or chopping tomahawk, require
special mechanics. The signs can be mounted on a bumper, trailer hitch,
exhaust pipe or roof rack.
Silk screen materials for signs.
Metal parts for signs.
The parts for LISTEN.
Mechanics of oscillating sign.
Vinyl cutter.
Vinyl bumper-sticker lettering.
   The flat black vinyl letters can be applied to white vinyl to make a bumper
sticker, to license-plate-size white aluminum for front mounting, directly to
the white paint of a van, a pickup tailgate or a camper.