BRAG PAGE - Time Line and Published Articles

Brewery photo.
Flash triggered by sound when hammer hits jar.
Astrocamera on clock motor drive base.
   Camera moves opposite of earth's rotation to take hour-long star pictures.

Sequence of Projects:

At North Shore High School: Biofeedback EEG monitor (M) KEY: M = made from magazine article Plant-response monitor (M) K = made from kit Electronic enlarger timer (D) S = wrote software Process color photo prints C = correspondence course SWTPC 6800 computer (K) D = designed and built Electronic bulletin board (S) BASIC programs for individual student physics problems (S) Optical 3 x 5 punched-card ballot reader (D) Film-audiotape movie synchronizer (D) Shortwave radioteletype and Morse code demodulator (M) Two-pen 3-D sketching device (D) Photo-silk-screen T-shirts & bumper stickers (K) Color TV (K) TV-repair service for fund-raising (C) Assembly-language school attendance report program (S) At John I. Leonard High School One-person dry, atmospheric-pressure pedaled submarine (D) Recumbent bicycle (D) Three-CO2-cartridge paintball gun (D) Semi-automatic paintball gun (D) Long-burn black-powder-and-chalk rocket motors (D) Rocket motor impulse recorder (D) Movie-camera/theodolite for rocket tracking and flight data (D) Sequential-photo rocket (D) Radio-control rocket (D) Radio-control rocket with sun-sensor roll hold (D) Live-TV-eye radio-control model car with Sony vidicon camera (D) SACLOS autonomous rocket-guidance circuit (D) Spread-Eagle .049 plane for flare/SACLOS trials (D) Model-rocket rolleron-fins for roll holding Extreme-stereoscopic (3-D) rocket-tracking pseudoscope 2-watt amateur TV transmitter (K) 5-watt amateur TV transmitter (K) Live-video-eye radio-control rocket w/ CCD camera & transmitter (D) 22" radio-control mower (D) 30" electric-start, 3-speed radio-control mower (D) Electric 4-axis gyroscope (D) Shortwave radio weather pictures (WEFAX) (M) 3-tier, 10-gallon beer microbrewery This web site started (S) Flying Jenny playground rides (D) Playground backhoe (D) Astrocamera star tracker (M) One-moving-part test-tube Stirling engine (D) Simple-to-make, low-temperature-differential Stirling engines Pyrotechnics/rocket ignition systems (D) After retirement: Pond Ness Monster (D) Animated bumper signs (D) X-ray system using auto spark coil (D) Bronze-casting Portrait sculpture outline system (D) Ethanol still Steam rockets (D) Gas engines added to bicycles Weedeater-engine outboard motors Waving mannequin attracts attention Projects in the pipeline: Remote-control, live-eye litter scavenger for the science museum Super-mega-bullhorn with digital voice recorder, time-shift power amp Jet-ski/parasail operated by the parasailer

Articles or Letters Published:

(CAPITALS indicate a major article.) Byte Feb '78 correction to BASIC simulation program MICROCOMPUTING Jun '80 BASIC physics-curriculum programs MECHANICS (Japanese) Jan '86 submarine article SCALE RC MODELER Aug '86 R/C-rocket article American Spacemodeling Jul '87 sequential-camera rocket article Small Boat Journal Mar '88 submarine letter and photo HUMAN POWER JOURNAL mid '88 submarine article Action Pursuit Games Oct '89 photo of paintgun modifications Action Pursuit Games Feb '90 photos of paintgun feeder, parts HIGH POWER ROCKETRY Oct '91 model-rocket rolleron article HUMANPOWER (hardback book) '92 submarine chapter Sky & Telescope Mar '93 UFO's are SETI visitors Computer Game Review Jun '93 flight-simulator photo and letter Strategy Plus Jun '93 head-operated view-switcher photo Fate Jul '93 proposed space-drive misconceptions Game Player Aug '93 flight-simulator photo and letter Fate Feb '94 UFO technology is prologue BREWING TECHNIQUES Mar '94 microbrewery article, photo, sketch Beer Notes May '94 microbrewery letter, photo Cold Fusion Feb '95 free-energy news misconceptions BREW YOUR OWN Aug '95 microbrewery article, photos Fate Sep '95 earth-axis-shift misconception Infinite Energy Spring '96 "new-energy" con-artist red flags HOME SHOP MACHINIST Sep/Oct '97 one-moving-part Stirling engine Fate May '98 speed-of-light misconception HIGH POWER ROCKETRY Jun '98 increased-torque servo modifications Fate Feb '99 Egypt's "Pythagorean" theorem The Sciences Jan/Feb '99 ozone hole misconception Fortean Times Nov '00 earth's many "highest" civilizations Fate Oct '01 the enlightenment experience Fate Jun '02 possible enigma-creature's secrets HOME SHOP MACHINIST Jan/Feb '03 simple large-drill-bit sharpening jig Machinist's Workshop Jun/Jul '03 backyard playground backhoe MACHINIST'S WORKSHOP Oct/Nov '03 simple-to-build Stirling engines Home Shop Machinist Jan/Feb '05 router-motor lathe-tool-post grinder Extreme Rocketry Sep/Oct '08 Scalded Dog steam rocket MACHINIST'S WORKSHOP Oct/Nov '14 two-door-closer steam engine MACHINIST'S WORKSHOP Apr/May '16 The Easy Stirling Engine